Students’ Motivation in Learning English

  • Yulfi Yulfi STKIP-PGRI Lubuklinggau
  • Ahwalusah Aalayina STKIP-PGRI Lubuklinggau


This study aims to determine students' motivation in learning English and its effect on their English learning achievement. The research method used is survey research with a quantitative approach. Data were collected using questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. The questionnaire was adapted from the Attitude Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) designed by Gardner. The results showed that 52% of students took an active role in learning English. Students are relative "highly" motivated to learn English to have a good chance in their educational goals. In conclusion, instrumental motivation is a significant factor among students of SMAN 5 Lubuklinggau in learning English. Based on data documents about students' English scores, students' motivation to learn English affects their English learning achievement.

Keywords: English, Learning, Motivation


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