Inovasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) Berbasis Teknologi Informasi

  • Asmara Yumarni Universitas Hazairin Bengkulu


The purpose of this study was to look at innovations in learning Islamic Education (PAI) at Prof. University. Dr. Hazairin, SH Bengkulu based on information technology in order to facilitate the learning process of PAI. The research method used is a qualitative method. Primary data is taken from interviews and observations, and secondary data is taken from documentation. Data analysis uses descriptive qualitative techniques. The results of the study found two themes, first, the policy of Islamic religious education courses in Unihaz refers to the law on higher education which confirms the existence of religious education courses. Secondly, innovations made in the learning of information technology-based Islamic education are; 1) Instructed using online journals or internet media as a source of searching for assignments, 2) Tasks made in the form of videos, 3) Division of tasks and Collection of tasks via e-mail and WhatsApp. In conclusion, the Religious Education Course is a national compulsory subject with the achievement of learning the formation of a whole student personality (kaffah), educational innovation carried out at Unihaz which is dominant is the Devolopment (Development) renewal which usually must undergo a development, and cannot be entered into large-scale dimension, Innovation is done to be able to solve educational problems. Conclusion, the use of information technology in PAI learning innovation at PTU must be developed and placed as a source of teaching materials, learning references, and information sources

Keywords: Learning Innovation, Information Technology, Islamic Religious Education (PAI)


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