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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Redaksi Jurnal pendidikan matematika:Judika Education) menerima naskah ilmiah dalam bidang yang berkaitan dengan ilmu matematika dan pendidikan matematika
  • Naskah ilmiah tidak mengandung unsur plagiarisme. Naskah juga harus memenuhi pedoman penulisan naskah dan belum pernah atau tidak dalam proses publikasi pada media lain, baik cetak maupun elektronik.

Author Guidelines

  1. General Guidelines:
  1. The article has never been published yet both in printed and electronic versions.
  2. The theme relates in Mathematics education researches and mathematics science.
  3. The article is in Indonesia Language
  1. Specific Guidelines:
  1. Two columns (except title, name, affiliation, and abstract).
  2. Abstract uses Times New Roman font 12 and one space.
  3. The article uses Times New Roman Font 12, 1.5 space, A4 paper size, top margin 4 cm, bottom margin 3 cm, right margin 3 cm and left margin 4 cm.
  4. The article is not more than 25 pages.
  5. References or citations are included in the text for example (Arikunto, 2014; Foucault, 1983).
  6. The writing of foreign language is in italic. 
  1. The systematic of article as follows:


The title is not more than 20 words. Times New Roman 14 pt, bold, One space, Capital letter.



The data of author contains full name (without abbreviation), institution address, and author’s email. The name of author begins by capital letter, Times New Roman font 12, bold, one space. If the team of author is from different affiliation, please follow this one:


First Author’s Name1, Second Author’s Name2, and so on.

First Author’s Affiliation (Institution/University)1, Second Author’s Affiliation2 (Institution/University)

Corresponding author: First Author’s Email



Abstract is in Indonesia and English (maximal 250 words). The abstract includes: consist of objective of the research, research method, results/findings, and conclusion.

Keywords: keyword consists of 3-5 words.



Introduction explains the background of the issue that corresponds to the title of research. Please write in Times New Roman font 12 and 1.15 spaces. This section presents background, explanation of up to date literature review/related research which referred at the intake of research problem.  



This section discusses the steps of problem solving. Please explain clearly the research procedure. The chosen method must be adjusted with kind of the research. The research method consists of research design, techniques of collecting data, technique of analyzing data, data analysis, correlation test and etc.



This section includes result of research by providing data (in table) and interpretation of the result. Table title and picture are written in the middle, 1 space of sentence case from table or picture. The table title is placed above the table (before table) and the picture title is placed below the picture (after picture). The source of table is placed in the below the table and picture (in the middle of picture and parallel to table in table with font 10pt). On picture, the source of reference is placed after picture title in one space. Table font is 10.

Table 1.

Percentage of Male and Female



Male (%)

Female (%)




SMK Bisnis






 Source: BPS (2010)



Picture 1. Light produced by sun

Source: Andang Sunarto (2013)



This section includes some theories related to literature review section which is used to interpret the result, do not just copy paste but adjust the sentences as interpretation. Based on writing proportion, this chapter should take the most proportion about 50% or more. 



The conclusion answers the objective of the research not repeat the theories meaning to express the research result in concise (not summary of discussion).


All the references and sources of research used in the article must follow these guidelines:

  1. Times New Roman 12 pt and one space.
  2. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style.
  3. Please follow the example below in writing references:



Hasratuddin. (2014). Pembelajaran Matematika Sekarang dan Yang Akan Datang Berbasis Karakter.Jurnal Didaktik Matematika, 1 (2), 30-42.

Rochim, M. (2016). Pengembangan LKS Dengan Pendekatan PMRI Pada Sistem Persamaan Linear Dua Variabel Untuk SMP Kelas VIII. Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo, 4 (1), 35-43.



Prastowo, A. (2014). Pengembangan LKS Tematik Tinjauan Teoritis Dan Praktis. Jakarta: Kencana Prenada Media Group.

Majid,A. (2014). Pembelajaran Tematik Terpadu. Bandung: PT. Remaja Rosdakarya.