Students’ Comprehension and Difficulties on Reading Descriptive Text at SMA Swasta Pencawan Medan

  • Herna Sianturi Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Christina Siahaan Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Syarifah Isma Dinda Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Yenita Br Sembiring Universitas Prima Indonesia


This research aims to find out the student's Reading Descriptive Text. The method used in this research is qualitative; the study was conducted at SMA Swasta Pencawan Medan with the samples were 30 students of XI MIA-2. The researcher used multiple-choice with ten questions, reading tests, and interviews. The data collected from the students' scores. The result showed that there is 0 student or 0 % who was categorized excellent, there were two students or 6,67% who were classified as very good, there were seven students or 23,3 % who categorized as good, there were seven students or 23,3% were categorized as fair, there were five students or 16,7 % who were classified unsatisfactory. There were nine students or 30 % who were categorized very poorly. So, from the result, the researcher can conclude that the students were still in the poor category.

Keywords: reading, comprehension; reading comprehension problem; descriptive


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