BIOEDUSAINS:Jurnal Pendidikan Biologi dan Sains is published by research institute of mathematics, computer, nursering, education and economics (IPM2KPE) as the information and communication media for practitioners, researchers and academics who engaged, put interest and fully attention on biology education and science.

The scope of Biology Education includes: 1) motivation, perception and profiles of educators and learners in learning process and biological learning, 2) development and application of learning sources and media, 3)design of biological learning, 4) application of biological learning in schools (classroom action research and quasi experimental research), 5) evaluation of biology education and 6) Lesson study
The Scope of Science includes; 1) botany, 2) zoology, 3) environmental, 4) biotechnology, 5) ethnobotany, 6) ecology, and 7) biochemistry